Apple is already thinking about iOS 15.2 with an important novelty

If the history of iOS in the iPhone has made clear to us, it is that in the ‘X.0’ versions is where the greatest number of news comes, reserving the intermediate ones for small improvements or important news, but scarce. It is the case of iOS 15.2, beta version that has already been released for developers together with iPadOS 15.2 and watchOS 8.3. Here we tell you everything new that this version will bring.

Important privacy improvements for iOS and iPadOS

While the watchOS 8.3 beta hardly brings news beyond foreseeable performance improvements, we do see that both iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2 incorporate very prominent features in the privacy section. And we already know that the Californian company bets a lot in this area and wants to continue adding to everything that has been bringing these years and especially since iOS 14.

The main novelty is the app privacy report that the company already announced during the presentation of iOS 15, but that had not yet been officially added. It will be in these versions ’15 .2 ‘where it finally arrives. This will allow users to observe how often the applications they use access certain data on the device such as location, microphone, photo gallery or contacts.

This function, which visually resembles that of “Time of use” will be available in Settings> Privacy and is accompanied by other small changes in the system. One of them is in relation to notifications summary after exiting a concentration mode, having a new view in card format with which you can better see lost notifications at a glance. Also a small change in emergency calls appear in the beta, now having the possibility to change the combination of buttons to perform them.

And when can you install them on your devices?

This beta is for developers and although public betas are expected to come out in the next few hours, the big question is always when it will officially and definitively reach the end user. And, as is almost always the case, there are no certainties about when this will happen. The company does not usually reveal its roadmap in this regard, although according to what has been seen throughout history and with iOS / iPadOS 15.1 as a precedent, it is likely to arrive in mid-December.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that before these versions some hypothetical ’15 .1.1 ‘and later ones arrive, which could appear if Apple had to solve some important vulnerability at the level of security or performance. As these versions are released urgently and with no news other than those corrections, they would not need to go through beta processes. Be that as it may, to this day the ’15 .1 ‘are still released this week, the latest official software versions until further notice.

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