Apple is already working on a 15-inch MacBook Air and a 12-inch MacBook mini

MacBook Air

Apple’s gigantic wheel never stops. When you just introduced the new MacBook Air M2there are already rumors that next year the company will launch another slightly larger 15-inch MacBook Air M2 and a 12-inch MacBook mini M2.

A first rumor that we will wait for in the coming weeks to gain more strength, but if said advance comes from Mark GurmannIt is very likely that it is 100% true. We will see.

Mark Gurman has just posted on his Bloomberg blog that Apple is already working on launching two new MacBooks based on the new M2 processor. One would be a MacBook Air like the one presented this week, but with a 15-inch screen, larger than the current one that we can buy next month of 13.6.

Again a 12-inch MacBook

The second would be a “mini” MacBook, which would also mount the new M2 processor, and would be 12 inches. The two new Apple laptops would launch next year, with the 15 inches the first to see the light, probably the next spring.

Instead, the model of 12 inchesis still very green in terms of the development of the project, and it would not be launched until end of 2023or surely in early 2024. If it ends up being presented at the end, it would be Apple’s smallest laptop since it removed the 12-inch MacBook Air from its catalog in 2019.

Gurman only points to the small size of the new MacBook, without specifying whether it will be a low-end MacBook Air, or a high-end MacBook Pro. He has only pointed out that he will ride for sure an M2 processor.

As expected, Apple will also expand its range of laptops with models that mount the new M2 processor. They will be the new MacBook Pro with chips M2Pro Y M2Max already by the end of 2022, although the launch date may come in early 2023. These new 14-inch and 16-inch models, codenamed J414 Y J416they won’t be radically new products beyond offering the fastest chips in current chassis, as we just saw with the new MacBook Pro M2.

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