Apple is changing the price of apps for iPhone and iPad, here’s what’s changing

Apple announced on its website the application of new pricing options for applications sold on the App Store. An upheaval announced in December 2022.

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The move to the new app pricing system on the App Store begins today, but will last until May 9, 2023, when, if developers have not changed the price of their apps themselves , ” THE prices for existing apps and one-time in-app purchases will be updated across all 175 App Store storefronts to take advantage of new and improved global pricing.”

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iOS developers have until now had limited options in terms of price, and the Cupertino company intends to give them more choice. App developers for Apple devices can now set price ranging from $0.29 to $9999.99 in the USA.

The App Store shows ten times more pricing opportunities than before for apps and IAPs

According to the Cupertino company, “these options offer greater flexibility, gradually increasing prices (for example, every $0.10 up to $10, every $0.50 between $10 and $50 , etc.) “. In addition, the company is implementing new tools to allow developers to sell their products to a price consistent with purchasing power and the area in which they are offered. In their own words, you can now “use globally equalized prices that follow the most common pricing conventions in each country or region, in order to offer more relevant prices to customers “.

If you are an iOS application developer, please note that without modification on your part, Apple will change the price of your product based on the price displayed on the US App Store. That said, Apple gives you plenty of options for setting your prices. If you want a different price to be used as the base, “update the base country or region for your apps or in-app purchases on the storefront of your choice.” You can also choose to manually manage the prices on the storefronts of your choice instead of using the matched price”.

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