Apple is developing an external display with an integrated A13 processor

Apple is working on a new external display type Pro Display XDR with integrated processor. A great idea to free your connected Mac from graphics calculations. That will mean that connected to a simple Mac mini, you will have a powerful workstation to edit images and video, or to play games.

The problem will come in the price. If an external screen from Apple is already worth a fortune, I do not want to think what it will cost said with integrated processor and Neural Engine. We’ll see…

The Apple Pro Display XDR external display has been on the market for quite some time, but there are still no rumors about an updated version in the short term. But it turns out that Apple is internally testing a new external display with a A13 processor dedicated and also with Neural Engine.

The new screen is being developed under the codename J327, but at this time, the details on the technical specifications are a mystery. It seems that this screen will have an SoC made by Apple, which at the moment is the A13 Bionic chip, the same one used in the iPhone 11 line.

Together with the A13 chip, the external display features the Neural Engine, which speeds up learning tasks automatically. Such an external display with a dedicated SoC is likely to be a new model to replace the current one Pro Display XDR.

It would certainly be a great idea. Have a Integrated CPU / GPU on the external display could help Macs deliver high-resolution graphics without using all the resources of the Mac’s internal processor.

Apple could also combine the power of the display SoC with the Mac’s processor to provide even more performance for running very graphic intensive tasks. Another possibility is to use this SoC to add some smart features to the Pro Display XDR, such as Airplay.

It is unknown how the project is progressing, and if will soon be released for sale or it is still time for it to be ready. We will be attentive to new rumors.

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