Apple is still working on a monthly subscription to pay for its iPhone 14

Apple is preparing to let you buy an iPhone by subscription. This new service could arrive on its official website and in its stores as early as spring, according to a famous journalist.

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Credit: PhonAndroid

Early last year, we learned that Apple was planning to sell its iPhones through a monthly subscription. It was originally thought that the new offer would be launched at the end of the year on the occasion of the release of the iPhone 14 to relieve the pill after the price increase, but no such service is available yet.

Apple has not abandoned the project, according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman. In a new edition of his Power On newsletter, the latter states that Apple has faced ” technical and engineering setbacks that led to slow progress and missed deadlines “, but the subscription offer should arrive this year.

Buying an iPhone by subscription, it will soon be possible

Mark Gurman explains that Apple has four fintech projects in the works. Two of them, Apple Card Savings Account and Apple Pay Later, have been publicly announced. The other two weren’t announced: “Apple Pay Monthly Installments” and that infamous iPhone hardware subscription program we’re talking about here.

The journalist explains above all that this iPhone hardware subscription program will be different from other financing options for iPhone buyersbecause ” the monthly charge will not be the price of the device spread over 12 or 24 months “. Instead, it would be a ” monthly fee which remains to be determined and which depends on the device chosen by the user “.

As a reminder, we already have an idea of ​​the prices at which the latest generation iPhones could be sold as part of this subscription, but we will have to wait for the launch of the offer to find out if Apple is going to apply them.

If Apple is still working on the subscription, Gurman thinks the launch of the subscription for the iPhone could take place in March or April, and we might even expect a presentation of the service during the spring keynote. The date is not yet known, but we know that Apple should not present a new iPhone SE on this occasion, the project having been abandoned a few weeks ago.

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