Apple is tired of its production depending on China and is going to take urgent measures

A couple of long years ago (eternal, I would say…) when the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 In China, component and assembly factories for Apple devices were closed for many weeks. This made those from Cupertino very angry, who already had in mind to start diversifying their suppliers outside of China, from the obstacles that Donald Trump was punishing imports from that country.

During this time, there are already many factories that have started working for Apple outside of that country, but their production is small compared to the volume of devices that are still manufactured in the country of the Great Wall. With the new closure of Asian production plants due to the new wave of the pandemic in China, the time has come to act real.

the famous analyst Ming Chi Kuo explained today in his account Twitter that Apple is going to urgently start an action plan to reduce as much as possible the production of its devices in China and seriously start manufacturing them in other countries.

Everything started with Trump

This “diversification” of production already began to take shape a few years ago, when the president of the USA. donald trump began to put obstacles to companies that imported goods from China. There he began to fly the fly behind the ear of Tim Cook….

Things got more serious when at the end of 2019 the happy Coronavirus. At the beginning of 2020, while almost the entire planet was living normally, and masks were only used by surgeons and little else, there began to be confinements of the population in China, and consequently, factories were closed for many weeks. The fly, it was already cojonera…

That was when all the alarms went off in Cupertino, and it was decided to start looking for new production plants outside of China, to «diversify risks«. During these two years of the pandemic, Apple devices have already begun to be manufactured in other countries, but the largest volume of production continues to come from China.

the new wave of COVID-19 that is hitting China has already been the last straw. As we have been reporting for days, some Apple devices are already having stock breakages and very long delivery times, since due to the current confinements in the Asian country, many Apple device production plants they have closed again temporarily. The fly has become unbearable…

So I’m not surprised by Kuo’s words, assuring that Apple has decided to accelerate the end of the dependency of the production that it currently has with the factories located in China. What do I say that Foxconn could set up one in our country….

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