Apple just released the 10th beta of macOS Ventura


In Apple Park they work by the piece, and the developers of macOS Ventura They don’t even have a day off. Just a week after the last beta, the ninth, Apple just released beta number 10 just over an hour ago.

That means that there is little left to see the version Release Candidatethe last one prior to the final version for all users of the thirteenth macOS: macOS Ventura.

Apple just launched barely an hour ago for all developers the tenth beta of macOS Ventura. So there are only a few weeks left before said software is finally released for all users. A new macOS that has been in testing since June, and today has received its tenth update.

Developers registered with Apple’s testing program can download the new beta through the Apple Developer Center. Once the corresponding developer profile is installed, betas will be available through the software update mechanism in System Preferences, just like any other official macOS update.

We never get tired of repeating from here, that if you have the possibility of accessing these betas, never install it on your main computer that you use daily to work or study. Although they are quite stable beta versions, there is always the risk of a fatal error occurring, and losing all the information stored on your Mac.

Programmers and developers who are dedicated to testing new software in beta phase, always use specific Macs to do all kinds of tests, free to save any valuable information for its owner, so if any “catastrophe” occurs they are not worried in the least . Factory reset and start over.

This means that Apple Park is working hard so that the new software for this year’s Macs is ready to be released shortly in its final version for all users. So in a few weekswe will be able to install it for all “ordinary” users who have a Mac compatible with the thirteenth version of macOS.

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