Apple launches a new limited edition of the Beats Studio3

From time to time, the Beats headphone firm owned by Apple, launches a limited series of a specific model, changing its external appearance to follow a fashion trend. Now it is the turn of the Beats Studio3.

Apple has just introduced a limited series of its Beats Studio3 in association with A-COLD-WAR, a designer clothing firm Samuel Ross. If you like to show off Beats on the street, these are the latest trend.

Apple just released a new limited edition Beats Studio3 headphones in association with A-COLD-WALL, a renowned fashion brand from British designer Samuel Ross.

The wireless headphones in this limited series will be available in a slate with a ‘speckled concrete’ finish that covers both the earbuds and ear pads. It contains the logo of the clothing company ACW on the outside of the headband, while the inside of the headband has a clay color and the A-COLD-WALL logo is also visible. The same ACW logo also appears on the included carrying case.

The limited edition Beats will appear soon for sale on the Apple Store website, priced at $ 349.95 in the United States, which will be on 370 Euros in Spain.

Some headphones to go down the street

Apple first released the Beats Studio3 in September 2017 and several limited edition designs have since been released. These over-ear wireless headphones feature the W1 chip from Apple for a perfect configuration with the different Apple devices. They have up to 22 hours of battery life with active noise cancellation enabled, a foldable design, and a carrying case.

The Beats Studio3 have become the headphones “for a walk” par excellence, to wear them on the street while listening to your favorite music. That is why limited series with different finishes are released from time to time to be “up to date”.

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