Apple launches a new way to buy its products

Apple has launched a new system through which we can buy its products. Although it is only available in the United States at the moment, it is undoubtedly a new way very useful to be able to contact Apple specialists, and to be able to solve our doubts in a more immediate way. At the moment, little (or nothing) we know if she is going to arrive in Spain, at least for now. But, nevertheless, this new function is useful and interesting in equal parts, for the user.

A classic element for a new formula

Buying through the Apple Store online can be done through the website itself and by phone, to contact a specialist and ask for help with the product that we are going to buy. Being able to talk to a person while we are making the purchase is something very useful and necessary, if we have doubts when buying any product, not only from Apple. And better than talking to a person by chat or on the phone, it is better to talk face to face. And in this case, Apple has introduced the video calls with specialists for purchases from Apple Store Online.

buy apple video specialist

A classic element, such as video calls, introduced into the purchasing experience and processes, to create a new formula. Or, at least, to give it a twist and reinvent it. This new combination of elements is called Buy with a Specialist by Video, and for the moment it will only be available for the United States. But if it is about video calls with Apple workers, then some doubts and questions may arise.

First of all: Will the people who work at Apple be able to see me? The truth is that Apple explains that only the workers will activate their cameras and, therefore, we will be able to see them. They to us, no. In this way, Apple ensures trust from customers, since we will not have to show our identity.

The second question (and the third, by the way): Where and when? Through where will you be able to speak by video call with an Apple specialist, and in what time slots? At the moment we can only talk to a specialist through the web section of purchase of the iPhone from the Apple website for the US. When we want to request help for the purchase of the iPhone, we can select the option to speak with a specialist through video, to which we can ask questions about the iPhone, the services that we can hire, financing, information about the Apple TradeIn renewal program and information about the telephone operators associated with the iPhone. In addition, the hours will be from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) to be able to talk by video with a specialist.

iPhone 14 yellow

So at the moment you can only use this function to buy the iPhone? At the moment, Apple specifies that to ask our questions on video, we can only do it with the iPhone. As it is a service that is pioneering for the company, they have not specified dates for when they are going to open this service to other products either. So, for the moment, it is a new function which we will have to wait, to see if it ends up reaching more countries.

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