Apple launches discounts on Mac and iPad for back to school 2021

Some AirPods “for the face” buying Mac and iPad

Apple maintains an excellent relationship with many universities, colleges and institutes around the world. The company believes that it has products adapted to school needs, both in terms of hardware and software due to the number of applications that can be found in the App Store and that are very useful for students. And despite the fact that it offers discounts throughout the year, it now offers a series of additional discounts on the purchase of any Mac and iPad.

In this 2021 you can acquire any of the devices mentioned above, taking free 2nd generation AirPods. Although the offer really lies in the possibility of buy AppleCare + with 20% discount. This service is Apple’s extended warranty that allows covering a series of repairs that are not normally covered, with some of these repairs being totally free and others paying a really small excess compared to normal prices.

To this promotion we must add the one that they already have throughout the year and that already allows buy cheaper brand equipment. We insist on emphasizing that all Macs come in there, from the MacBook Air to the powerful Mac Pro. The same happens with the iPad, since you can get discounts on the most basic model or on the brand new iPad Pro with M1 chip.

The requirements you should know

Something to keep in mind is that it will not be enough to be a student, but it will have to be academic, although in that sense the degree that is being studied will not matter. Another essential requirement that is linked to this is to be registered on UNiDAYS. This is a service offered by an external company in which data that proves the condition of being a university is collected and that will serve you before Apple to demonstrate that you can access these promotions.


If you are not registered with UNiDAYS, you can do so through their website for free. It should be noted that this company also offers discounts on other technology brands such as Samsung or Acer, in addition to other products such as clothing or personal care and beauty items. Therefore we could define it for practical purposes as a kind of universal student card that allows discounts on different purchases.

Once your student status with UNiDAYS is secured, you will be able to access Apple’s student portal and begin to inspect the online store in order to find the discounts and buy the product that interests you the most. It may be that at this moment you are well served, but if you were thinking of renewing any of your equipment, without a doubt this is one of the best moments to do it.

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