Apple launches first beta of Safari 15.1 to fix problems in macOS


When Apple released the new version of Safari for macOS for all users, they did not think that what finally happened was going to happen. Many errors of this new browser who already started with a not very good foot because of his way of organizing the tabs. With all this and already having the version available for macOS Big Sur and Catalina, the American company has already started with the launch of the first beta of Safari 15.1

When the new version of Safari for macOS was released, the way to organize and treat the browser tabs were accepted differently by users. There are no half measures. You like it or not. Although it can be reversed and reverted to the old way. What cannot be reversed are the multiple problems that users are facing with this new Safari 15 browser. Many errors, one of the most striking being the blocking when accessing YouTube. But there is more.

Web pages that do not load and are left blank. Exaggerated slowness when working with the new browser. Crashes when trying to add a web page to the Reading List etc. However, Apple wants to put an end to all this and the solution is to launch another new version of its browser to solve it. Therefore, we already have the first beta of Safari 15.1

According to MacRumors, the new beta version launched solves one of the existing problems, that of accessing a YouTube page without being blocked. However, it seems that there are still many more that continue to fail. So it is to think that little by little we will see the launch of new versions of these betas, until reaching the final version that corrects all the existing problems.

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