Apple launches iOS 14.8 by surprise, what’s new?

Apple releases iOS 14.8 without testing it before

Normally all the final versions that are released to the public previously go through a beta process. This is something that has not happened this time with iOS 14.8 and iPadOS 14.8 and that is why it has been a surprise after all. Apple usually makes these types of decisions when it firmly believes that it has a stable final version, and this means that it hardly includes any relevant news. Specifically, the note to developers only details that integrates security and performance enhancements for iPhone and iPad and that its installation is recommended for all users.

Apple tends not to detail all the changes that are being made in its new versions of software when it reaches this point. As we have previously commented, there were rumors that they were working on this latest update but the exact date was not known. The security flaws referred to in these notes will surely be known to us in the coming weeks as security experts publish new reports on the research they have carried out on iOS.

A version that will not be remembered

If we look back, Apple released on September 1, 2020 iOS 13.7 which was the last version of this generation. That is why iOS 14.8 is going to follow the same path with an eye to the launch of iOS 15 which is practically imminent. This indicates that iOS 14.8 will be an ephemeral version, which will stop being signed in the next few days. Although, it is a way to end a generation of operating system that has been installed in almost every iPhone in the ecosystem.

Keep in mind that not everyone will end up updating to iOS 15 when it comes out officially. From that moment on, an adoption curve by users can be appreciated. And there will come a time that not everyone who has been to iOS 14 ends up updating. This is due to the typical fears that exist regarding updates

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