Apple launches macOS Monterey, Apple Watch glucose sensor and much more. Best of the week on I’m from Mac

This week is the last of the powerful month of October that has been marked by Apple And today is also the 31st. The month of November is expected somewhat calmer in terms of presentations and news regarding Apple, but we do not doubt for a second that it will also be an interesting month.

The week is ending and we have seen some really interesting news. Today, as we usually do on Sundays on a regular basis, we will share with you all some of the highlights of this last week of October. We go with the best of the week in I’m from Mac.

We started with the news that many users were waiting for and it is the official launch of macOS Monterey. This new version of the operating system is already installed on many Macs and it seems that it is being a fairly stable version and without problems in its operation.

Notch on the MacBook Pro

We continue with the other of the outstanding news of this week that is none other than the official launch of the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. The day of delivery of these powerful equipment It was this week and surely thousands of users around the world will have enjoyed and will be enjoying the new MacBook Pro. Congratulations to all.

Again this week we had rumors about a “known” but not added sensor on the Apple Watch. The blood glucose sensor was in the news again this week after a component manufacturing leak by Apple suppliers. Will it arrive in the next version of the popular Apple Watch? we will see …

Interior of the new MacBook Pro

To finish, we want to share the good news about the simple battery change options that have been discussed in iFixit for the new MacBook Pro. This news today was undoubtedly normal, and that is that these new computers allow “easy” battery change in case you want or need to replace it.

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