Apple makes history at the Oscars twice

With Apple TV +, the streaming series and movie service from the Cupertino company, we all agree on two fundamental points. It has a small but high-quality catalogue, and this is something that has been demonstrated at the Oscars. Keep reading as we tell you why Apple has made history again.

Apple’s first Oscar

When Apple TV + was released, something that was proven to be the hallmark of this platform, at least during the first years, was that the Apple TV + catalog was not going to shine due to the abundance of content, but yes for their quality. From the beginning, the Cupertino company has already made its intentions very clear to give users and viewers series and movies elaborated very, very well, so much so, that at the last Oscar gala, Apple has received its first awardshowing that Apple TV + has a lot to offer to all viewers who want to consume quality content from their living room.

The award-winning film has been CODAwho has received the best film award, nothing more and nothing less. But beware, this does not stop here, since the Cupertino company has made history twice. It has not been enough to get the first Oscar of his short but intense life, but he can also say that it has been the first streaming content platform that has been able to winwith CODA, an award of such caliber.

Undoubtedly, tonight and this gala will go down in history within Apple, not only because of the controversial incident involving Will Smith, but also because it adds the first big hit of a platform that was born with many doubts, especially in the viewers and users, but that little by little is making its place in a market where competition is fierce, but where Apple has once again managed to carve out its niche and stand out very, very well.

What is CODA about?

This movie revolves around a young girl named rubywho has a rather big peculiarity compared to the rest of her family, and that is that she is the only one who can hear, since is part of a deaf family. Ruby uses sign language to interpret for her parents while she works at her family’s business. She joins the choir club at her school until the time comes when she finds herself Torn between her obligations and her dreams.


In addition, the award for best film was not the only award that this film has won, since actor Troy Kotsur became the first deaf male actor to win an Academy Award, while writer and director Sian Heder it won in the category of Best Adapted Screenplay.

CODA Apple TV+

The Cupertino company acquired the rights to CODA for nothing more and nothing less than $25 million after being premiered at the Sudance Film Festival in 2021. It is a film that has been produced by Vendome Pictures and Pathé, being streaming on Apple TV+ from August 2021.

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