Apple makes new Marketing tools available to developers

We always read how Apple releases beta versions for developers before anyone else, new tools for them and many other things. Not surprisingly, the company needs them, they are the ones that really define the functions of future devices. It’s no wonder he takes care of them and no wonder he makes it easy for them whenever he can. This time launching new marketing tools.

Application developers can now use a new Apple web tool to generate promotional images on the progress. The new marketing tool generates images using four templates, three colors, and different image sizes. You just have to select the platform and search for any application to create multiple images suitable for social networks.

Templates include a new app promotion, app update, subscription offer, or new offer. Text and formatting cannot be customized, although you can select a background color from light, dark, or blue. Developers can choose from a square post, story post, horizontal banner ad, vertical banner ad, or link card preview. After selecting the template options, the marketing assets they are available by download, link or short link.

Apple has shared this new marketing tool in a developer update. It can be accessed through Apple’s media services website and best of all, an account is not required to access.

A new way for application developers at Apple to make their work known in a more visual and uniform way, knowing that what the user sees is first from Apple and secondly he knows that it is an application generated by a developer. As they say a win-win. Both the company and the developer win.

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