Apple Maps in Germany and Spain will allow users to report accidents

Apple Maps improves every day. It is true that it still has a long way to go to resemble, for example, the service par excellence, Google Maps, but the truth is that for a couple of years, it has improved a lot. In addition, it must be said that during the COVID-19 pandemic they did a lot of work helping users to find safe sites for medical care and vaccination. Now, it expands its functions by adding the possibility that the user report accidents and dangerous areas. It will do so in Germany and Spain.

The new feature in Apple Maps that allows users to report accidents and hazards is now available to users in both Germany and Spain. The feature is being rolled out in various countries around the world and was already available in Australia, Brazil, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. As we said at the beginning, Apple is putting “the batteries” with this service.

Germany is the latest country to add this support for reporting accidents and danger zones using Apple Maps. This feature was released with iOS 14.5 and is slowly expanding globally. As discovered by Macerkopf, With this feature now live in Germany, users can report an accident and danger zones in a new application menu. Unfortunately, as spotted by a Reddit user, it is not possible to use the speed check option, which is available in other countries. One of lime and another of sand, but less gives a stone (it seems that I am today of sayings).

If someone is thinking that they should not pick up their mobile while driving even to report an accident or black spot, we have to bear in mind that we can tell Siri to do it for us. “Hey Siri, report an accident”

From the Apple Maps application on iPhone, you can start navigation and then swipe up from the bottom to find the new option Ā«ReportĀ». This is where you can find the new features.

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