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This week and specifically since last Friday, November 26 what we read the most on the net is about Black Friday. In this case, today we are going to relax a bit from so much offer and we are going to review some of the most outstanding news of I’m from Mac this week.

What we like the most is that without having too many shocks in terms of the Apple world, there are always important news to share. This week was not at all one of the calmest of the month of November, we saw some important news and today we are going to review some of them.

We started with the news about Apple’s return to the number one position as the most valuable company in the world. A sharp rise in Apple’s share price allowed the apple company, recover the title of a publicly traded company with the highest market capitalization in the world.

HomePod mini

We continue to share news and in this case we focus on the start of sales of the colored HomePod mini in Europe and other countries that still did not have the product on the shelves. In this case, Apple launched the HomePod mini in blue, yellow and orange colors in more countries, including ours..

What would you think if the MacBook Air stopped being called that in 2022? Then a rumor that has been around the network for some time and that is now repeated, indicates that the company would be thinking of eliminating “Air” from these teams for next year.

Parallels for Mac Sale

Finally, we want to share the news about one of the possible reasons why Microsoft did not release the version of Windows for Macs with M1 processors. This would surely be in addition to other restrictions and reasons.

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