Apple Music and Podcast together in the same app?

What would this change entail?

There have been several movements that Apple has made in recent years in relation to its music and podcast service. The most prominent of all was when both services were separated within macOS to align the way users consume them, since in the rest of the operating systems there were two independent apps for it.

However, if we compare Apple Music with Spotify, we realize that the latter It has the streaming music service and podcast within the same applicationmany users have expressed the wish that the Cupertino company would do the same with its two applications, so that everything would be much more unified and thus people who use both Apple Music and Apple Podcast would not have to use two different apps.


This would be, without a doubt, the main advantage that this change would offer users. Another one of them could also have to do with a small restructuring in both services that would be accompanied by a design change and, who knows, if other novelties that, especially in the podcast part, are necessary for the Apple Podcast app to continue being one of the most outstanding within this sector.

However, there are also many other users who prefer that both the music part and the podcast part remain separate, that is, as it is at the moment. This is due to many users do not use both applicationsso it would be a hindrance for them to have, within an app that they use daily, a service that they never use, making the user experience worse.

It’s possible?

The viability of this possible novelty, especially in the new operating systems that will be presented at the upcoming WWDC to be held in June, is quite scarce, although obviously we can’t completely rule it out. Taking into account that the separation of music and podcast that we were talking about at the beginning of the post and that it occurred in macOS, occurred relatively recently, it would be strange for Apple to back down in this regard and make the reverse movement.

WWDC 2022

However, taking into account that one of the main competitors, both in the streaming music sector and in podcasts, has this way of offering its two services to users, It is possible that the Cupertino company has considered this change, since it is also a good way to encourage those users who only consume one of these services to consume both. Therefore, we will have to be very attentive to the possible rumors that will rear their heads between now and June to see if, finally, Apple’s Music and Podcast applications merge into one.

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