Apple Music artists can now share their “milestones” with fans

Milestones on Apple Music

Apple Music wants to continue to be preferred by users, at least that’s what it tries to do. We know that the strongest rival, Spotify, makes things very difficult but Apple does not give up and more and more frequently it is launching new functions that make it a more than valid alternative for most mortals. The new functionality is that you can now share artist Milestones in a much easier way.

Apple has released a new feature that makes it easier for Apple Music artists to share what it calls Milestones with fans. Posts can be easily shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Stories according to what is set is the new page created on purpose on the Apple website.

Share your great moments directly from the Apple Music application. With just a few taps, you can tell your fans about new playlists with your songs, how many Shazams you have in a given country or region, and other notable milestones you’ve reached on Apple Music. Stand out with your fans personalized posts based on milestones achieved. It will be available via email or messages.

The messages on the website are directed to those people or companies that are responsible for managing the accounts of celebrities. At one point we encountered this notice from Apple: “If you manage social media accounts for multiple artists, be sure to verify that you are logged into the correct account before sharing any milestones.” This is essential, to see if they are going to share the milestone of one artist on the account of another. It would create a stir considering that many times the artists themselves boast of managing their accounts on the networks themselves.

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