Apple Music could soon be on PlayStation 5 consoles

A new rumor indicates that very soon we could see Apple Music via Sony’s latest console, the PlayStation 5. It is not a crazy rumor since so far we can enjoy certain Apple services on other devices that are not of the brand. For example Apple TV through smart TVs and even the Xbox. At the moment there is no official communication from Apple or Sony, but some other user has already seen it in the console menu.

Apple has many services available to the user. Some of them, most of them, are exclusive to Apple and can only be viewed through the company’s hardware. However, there are others that can be used through other devices. We are talking for example about Apple TV that can be accessed through smart televisions and even from a video game console. So the idea of ​​being able to access Apple Music through PlayStation 5 it’s a very plausible rumor.

Especially when a Reddit user has reported that he has seen in the menu of his console, the possibility of playing music using the service of the American company. Not only Spotify but also Apple Music. At the moment there is no confirmation from Apple or Sony, but I think it won’t take too long to become official and be able to enjoy the Apple Music catalog while browsing the console menus.

The user in question, has uploaded the news to the Reddit forum:

Since when does this happen? I made a new account on my PS5 and was going to connect my Spotify, but then I see this

Apple Music on PlayStation 5

Like all rumors only time will tell if it’s true or not. Although as we said before, it is quite possible that it happens.

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