Apple Music now available on PS5

A few days ago we published an article in which we commented on the possible launch of the Apple Music application for the PS5, based on screenshots that some users had posted on Reddit and that some media had had the opportunity to reply. Unlike on other occasions, the wait has been shorter.

The application Apple Music for the PlayStation 5 is now officially available on the Sony store, offering an experience integrated into the console of this manufacturer and thus joining Spotify, the streaming music platform that is available on practically any device on the market.

Apple Music on the PS5 allows subscribers play over 90 million songsas well as a host of curated playlists and radio stations right from your console.

The app also supports music video playback in resolutions up to 4K. Furthermore, it allows users to listen to their favorite music even in the background or during gaming. Music videos also support continuous playback when navigating to and from the Apple Music app.

PS5 users can launch the Apple Music app before jumping into a game, or during gameplay pressing the PS button on the DualSense controller to access the Control Center and select the music function card.

Also, Apple Music subscribers can find recommendations that match the game currently playing or choose from a playlist in your library or other playlists selected by Apple Music for games.

PS5 users can download the Apple Music app from the store and follow the onscreen instructions to link your Apple Music account. The process involves scanning a QR code from an Apple device or manually entering Apple ID credentials.

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