Apple Music problems will be solved soon

Although they exist sporadically, it is not usual to run into problems while using Apple Music. However, these last few weeks are being very complicated for some users who do not stop experiencing service failures. The origin, as we recently told in this medium, is due to some inaccuracies on the part of Apple when adding improvements to the platform such as Spatial Audio, Dolby Atmos and Losssless Audio. Well, it seems that there is already light at the end of the tunnel and the problems will be solved soon.

Apple will fix the problem in iOS 14.7

Yesterday, Tuesday, Apple launched the final beta of iOS 14.7 and other operating systems (iPadOS 14.7, macOS 11.5, watchOS 7.6 and tvOS 14.7). That version that will be the same one that ends up officially reaching the public next week, it will be the one that ends once and for all with those tedious problems that are being experienced in Apple Music.

As we said before, Apple introduced almost two months ago new functions that improved the quality of the content of its music platform. All of them applied to each of the millions of songs in the catalog and without increasing the price. This entails very complex changes internally and it seems that the company’s developers were choked more than necessary, leaving bugs of all kinds, from play only 15 seconds and that the playback is cut or that it is directly impossible to load content.

Since the problems appear on all computers, It is understandable that it is not only iOS 14.7 that ends it. In the final betas of the corresponding versions of Mac and iPad we have also been able to verify how the errors have disappeared. And although it was initially thought that the problem could be solved from the servers themselves without having to launch updates, we will definitely have to wait until next week when these new system updates are made official.

Temporary solution if you can’t wait

Of course, if you are paying for Apple Music it will be that you want to enjoy the content and it is too annoying to do so with these failures. Although you will only have to wait a few more days, there is a temporary solution that might help. For this they must disable new features audio, a lesser evil if what you want is to enjoy the content even in standard quality.

On iPhone and iPad You must go to Settings> Apple Music and in the Dolby Atmos section select the “Off” option. Also Lossless Audio should be completely disabled. To do this on Mac You must open the Music application, go to the top menu bar where it says Music and choose the Preferences option. Once there you must go to the “Playback” tab to find the option to disable the previously mentioned functionalities.

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