Apple Music rises in price for all users?

The Cupertino company has recently announced a price increase in its subscriptions to Apple Music, something that is certainly far from being good news for all its users. In this post we tell which group of users has uploaded the subscription and what may be due to the upload of the same.

New pricing rates on Apple Music

Recently, at students who have purchased Apple Music with Unidays have received a notification indicating that the price of their subscription will go from 4.99 to 5.99 euros from the next installment. The subscription of Apple Music for Students It supposes a 50% discount for those users who do not have any type of bonus. However, users who have the voice, individual, family or Apple One subscription do not expect any type of change in their monthly fee.

Continuing with the previous idea, during the year 2022 Apple has carried out a price increase in all the products that it has presented, so it is possible that this increase will also affect all the service rates offered by Cupertino.

Reasons for the price increase

We are going to analyze what could be the reasons why Apple has raised the price of the Apple Music subscription for students and not the rest of the subscriptions. The reasons are mainly two: Apple Voice and the crisis generated by Covid-19.


Apple Voice is a platform launched by Apple in 2021 and is designed to play music only with Siri with the goal of becoming the perfect companion for the HomePod. Apple Voice is priced at $4.99, directly rivaling the student subscription. This may be one of the reasons why Apple has decided to increase the subscription price and create a new price category.

Consequences of the crisis generated by Covid-19.

The year 2020 was accompanied by a global pandemic that laid the foundations for enormous inflation that has been worsening in recent months. This inflation has caused production costs to rise across all supply chains and across all workflows that are needed to make any project happen. This cost of basic resources and raw materials has also affected Apple, which has been forced to raise prices on student Apple Music subscription from the payment of the next monthly payment going from 4.99 euros to 5.99 euros.

What happens to the rest of the subscriptions?

In principle, Apple has not made any price changes to family or individual subscriptions or to the new Apple One service. However, there has been a price increase on all the products that Apple has presented throughout 2022, so it is possible that this increase will also affect all the service rates offered by those in Cupertino. From a business point of view, the price increase makes sense since it offers the same as the individual subscription and also offers free Apple TV +, while its direct competition for price, which is Apple Voice, is much more limited in terms of functionality.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of the Apple Music price increase for students and if you think it will increase it for the rest of its products.

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