Apple Music will broadcast live concerts

I admit, without hesitation, that the latest from Apple Music has surprised me a lot. I have been a user of Spotify for many years, and also of Apple Music for a few. And with all the love I have for Spotify for its principles, a time when I quantified it and it was rare that I spent less than ten hours a day listening to music (luckily I have a job that I can carry out listening to music), over time every day I like Apple’s service more.

And no, I’m not saying this because of the Spotify controversies, which we’ve already talked about on previous occasions. No, I say this because I didn’t like their decision to eliminate Car View just when they put on sale a device with which to replace the functionality of this type of view, and I also don’t like that they announced the arrival of high fidelity music a little over a year, and this has still not materialized. And, in a fraction of this time, Apple announced Apple Music HiFi at no price, launched it, and even included spatial audio.

Besides, Spotify seems to have put the focus mainly on podcastswhich seems totally legitimate to me, but in the meantime, Apple Music has continued to grow in music content, not only with agreements with more artists and record companies, but also with operations such as the purchase of Primephonic, a prestigious classical music streaming service, whose catalog has been added to that of Apple Music. The specific classical music app announced by Apple last year has not yet arrived, but we can already enjoy a huge musical background of this genre.

And now, as the service itself has announced through a message on his Twitter profile, Apple Music has presented Apple Music Live, a series of concerts that will be broadcast live through the service. And in case you’re wondering if we’re talking about performances by minor artists, the answer is absolutely not. And as a clear example we have what will be the first broadcast concert, next Friday, May 20, whose protagonist will be Harry Styles, who will present his third album at the event.

The concert will take place at the UBS Arena in Long Island, New York, and to warm up the atmosphere Apple has already created a specialaccessible from iTunes, in which we can find an interview with Styles about the making of the album, a link for users to pre-add Harry’s House to your library and a bunch of artist-focused playlists.

If Apple manages to maintain regularity in this regard, that is, if Apple Music Live maintains a good rhythm in terms of concerts, without a doubt we are faced with what the Anglo-Saxons usually call a gamechanger, that is, something that changes everything. And if, as it seems, this does not entail any increase in the price of the service, it seems that those from Cupertino are making it more difficult for Spotify every day, that they should stop NFT nonsense and focus on music, which is what took service to the highest.

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