Apple must pay $ 30 million to workers at its Apple Store in California

Apple Store in California

If you are already a few years old and you follow the news of Apple almost from its beginning, you will remember a news that talked about the waits that employees had to make in some Apple Stores in California to be registered before going home. All with the aim of determining if they were stealing products. The employees claimed that this waiting time should be paid for and therefore sued Apple. Now after many years they have won and the company must pay 30 million dollars.

$ 30 million for all the time spent in the long waits to be registered before going home at the end of your work shift. Employees of some of the Apple Stores in California, where this measure was most imposed, will now receive, after 8 years, the compensation they asked for. In some cases the waits reached 45 minutes. That meant that at least 1 more hour of overtime had to be added to the hours each day.

In principle the demand did not prosper too much. A California judge dismissed the class action lawsuit in 2015, but that decision was appealed. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit asked the California Supreme Court to clarify the law. In February 2020, the California Supreme Court ruled that Apple must pay for this time. As reported Bloomberg, Apple has agreed to pay $ 29.9 million to employees at its stores where this policy was in effect in California. The agreement between Apple and the workers must now be approved by United States District Court Judge William Alsup.

Here the saying of the one who pursues it, gets it, becomes good. 12,000 current and former employees from the Apple store in California, they will be able to receive a maximum of approximately $ 1,200 each.

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