Apple now offers one-year subscriptions to AppleCare for users who buy a Mac

AppleCare prices change from time to time and this time the Cupertino firm adds the option to purchase one year on the website. In this case, users who want protect your new Mac can add an annual subscription or the typical three years. This, which for now is not active on the website of our country (at the time of writing the news) may be activated in the next few hours.

All new Mac users can sign up for the annual AppleCare service through their own device within a month of purchase. The annual subscription to AppleCare for a new 16-inch MacBook Pro on the web is priced at $ 140 per year and if you want three years the price rises to $ 380.

This still indicates that the three-year coverage plan is better for saving a few bucks, but at least now users have the option to add this annual plan without having to choose the three years in a row if they don’t want to.

Apple creates the hardware, the operating system, and many of the applications, so our products are seamlessly integrated systems. Plus, only AppleCare products offer one-stop service and support from Apple experts, so you can solve most problems with one call. The benefits of AppleCare products are in addition to your legal rights as a consumer.

During the past month of July, Apple lowered AppleCare prices for M1-processor MacBook Airs and 13-inch MacBook Pros at $ 50 and $ 20, respectively. It should be remembered that in Europe the warranty period is two years on the product but not in the US, so having a longer period of protection on Macs is always welcome.

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