Apple Officially Confirms Universal Control Feature Won’t Arrive Until Late Fall

A few days ago, we published an article based on different sources that pointed to another of the functions that they will not be available in the final version of macOS Monterey, which launches on October 25. We are talking about the Universal Control function, a function that Apple itself has confirmed will not arrive until later.

Universal Control allows users Wirelessly control an iPad or even another Mac using your keyboard and mouse of your main team. Sadly, Apple never released this feature in any of the macOS and iOS betas that have been released since last June.

In addition, most of the references were hidden and could not be activated, a clear indication that Apple had encountered a problem during its development and was putting it off for later.

Apple has confirmed through its website that this function nor will be available at the earliest until the end of this fall, so it will not be available on October 25 when the final version is released.

The latest available macOS Monterey betas still do not include any reference to Universal Control, so we will have to wait for the launch of the next betas.

Universal Control joins SharePlay

Another of the functions that will not be available at the time of the launch of macOS Monterey on October 25 is the function SharePlay, a feature that Apple confirmed a couple of months ago would not be available either, although it is already available in the latest betas.

On this Apple page you can see all the functions that will be available on the 25th and which ones will be delayed for later.

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