Apple One Premium and Apple Fitness + are now available in Spain

Apple One Premium, the jewel in the crown of Apple’s subscription services, can already be contracted in Spain. This is not really a surprise, to the point that we already told you last week, when the Cupertino people made it official through a press release. Also, of course, Apple Fitness + has also come from his hand, the training service that, in combination with the Apple Watch, offers you a complete tool for practicing sports.

The arrival of the service, however, is not being something especially highlighted by the company itself. What’s more, if we access the page dedicated to Apple One at this time, we still can’t find information or prices about Apple One Premium. And with regard to Apple Fitness +, although the service is featured prominently on the home page of the Cupertino in Spain website, at this time it still continues to indicate that the service will debut on 3/10 (that is, today), without indicating which is already available, without prices, and so on. It is expected that both sections will be updated in the next few hours.

Be that as it may, some users are already having the possibility of contracting both services from their devices, which has allowed us to find out something that we expected from the announcement of the launch. I am talking, of course, about prices. In the case of Apple One Premium, the monthly fee amounts to 28.99 euros, and if we talk about Apple Fitness +, its monthly fee is 9.99 euros, while the annual contract offers a much more interesting price, since it will mean a single payment per year of 79.99 euros, a few cents more than the cost of eight months with the monthly fee.

Remember, yes, that Apple One Premium does not arrive “complete” in our country, that is, it will not have the same services that we find in the countries where the service debuted last year. The difference is posed by Apple News +, the ad-free, personalized news aggregator. A service that we will probably still take a long time to see, as I understand that negotiations with editorial groups can be quite complex.

Personally, and I already said it when anticipating the arrival of the service, when we still did not know what its price would be in Spain, 28.99 euros I think it is above what it should be, and that is that assuming as inevitable the euro-dollar parity in In these cases, I do not think that Apple News + contributes to Apple One Premium is only one dollar-euro per month. And it’s a shame, because the rest of the services seem very interesting to me, including two terabytes of iCloud storage for one of the family group members.

I think I have already commented on it on occasion, but in case it has not been the case, I clarify that I have been an Apple One user since the day it debuted in Spain, about a year ago. Thus, I was looking forward to the arrival of Apple One Premium. And now I am debating between two points of view: that the offer made up of the package is quite interesting (at least in my case, that I do use the services), and that I do not like that the price is higher than in USA, And not only because the exchange rate 28.99 euros is more than $ 29.99, but also because here we do not have Apple News +.

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