Apple One Premium and Apple Fitness + land today in our country

After a few days since it was warned of the arrival of these services to our country, today is the day. Finally, the company will launch this subscription service today in Spain and many other countries beyond the United States. The good thing about having these new subscription services available is that they allow the user to save a few euros. And it is that only for Those who have an iCloud and Apple Music plan contracted independently, the Apple One Premium service already comes out practically better in price on a monthly basis.

These are the prices and services offered by Apple One Premium

For those who want to know the total savings of having Apple Music with a family plan, 2TB of iCloud, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and the new Apple Fitness + home training service, we will tell you that it is considerable. These services separately cost more than 44.95 euros which is the price of all together. We save about 16 euros a month with it.

What does this Apple One Premium offer us? Well, it offers us access to more than 90 million songs on Apple Music, all the content available on Apple TV +, a data storage plan in Apple’s iCloud cloud with 2TB to share between the family, Apple Arcade games and the Apple Fitness + home training service that for those who do not know it goes with subtitles in Spanish, the language is English. All this is much better together than separately and as we say you can share it with up to six people in your family group, with their own accounts, preferences and storage space.

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