Apple One Premium will arrive in Spain next week

Soon it will be a year since the arrival in Spain of Apple One, and a few days after the birthday the service will be extended with the expected incorporation of Apple One Premium to the modalities available in our country. And we are not the only country to receive the service, the complete list is made up of Germany, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Spain, France, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia and Switzerland.

There is an important difference, yes, between the Apple One Premium that we are going to receive in the new countries with the existing one in Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. And it is that in these countries, since its launch, it has the Apple News + service, a customizable news aggregator, without payment walls or similar elements, which therefore provides access to a wide selection of communication media, in feeds that they can be customized by users.

However, and at least for now, Apple One Premium in Spain, as well as in the rest of the countries announced in Apple’s press release, will not include Apple News +. This, in principle, is understandable, since the company will have to carry out negotiations with the various media of each geography, in order to manage their inclusion in this premium feed. Something that, undoubtedly, can be very complex.

It will be important, yes, to check if this reduction in the services included in Apple One Premium also translates into a lower price paid by users who do have it. In this regard, Apple has not yet reported the prices of Apple One Premium in the new countries, but we do know that its price in the United States is $ 29.95, ten dollars more expensive than Apple One in family mode, which costs $ 19.95.

In Spain, the price of Apple One in its family mode is 19.95 euros, so if all services are included, that is, also Apple News +, the price of Apple One Premium in Spain should be 29.95 euros. . However, and due to the lower amount of services included, its price can be expected to be 24.95 euros or, at most, one euro more.

But then, what is it that will make Apple One Premium different from Apple One in Spain and in the rest of the announced countries? There are two differences, and they are certainly the most interesting. The first is the inclusion of the long-awaited Apple Fitness + service, a service presented in the keynote of September last year, and that offers a wide and growing catalog of sports training of all types and intensity, and that also uses the biometric sensors of the Apple Watch to improve their effectiveness.

The other improvement is that, compared to the 200 gigabytes of iCloud that Apple One includes, with Apple One Premium this capacity is multiplied by 10, offering two terabytes to each of the accounts included in the family plan. With this mode, the backup options and the use of iCloud as a hard disk in the cloud grow substantially.

For the rest, Apple One Premium includes the same services already available in Apple One, so the complete pack looks like this:

  • Apple Music.
  • Apple TV +.
  • Apple Fitness +.
  • Apple Arcade.
  • 2 terabytes of iCloud storage.

Thus, waiting to know its price in Spain, Apple One Premium seems like a pretty interesting option, especially for Apple Watch users and people who play sports (or want to start doing it) on a regular basis. And also for users who make intensive use of the cameras of their devices, which leads to every so often they find that they have exhausted the storage capacity of their devices, and that they would have to make a backup copy and free up space. .

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