Apple patents its thermometer for the Apple Watch


Only a few weeks to go Tim Cook and his team show us the new range of Apple Watch this year at the September keynote. And the news that was published today has not gone unnoticed.

A piece of news that tells that Apple has been granted a new patent where a system of temperature control of the human body installed in a wristwatch… Wow, wow…Apple patents hundreds of ideas every year, and many of them remain just that, just ideas and projects, which will never see the light of day in device form. But for how little it costs to file a report and get a patent granted, all companies tend to patent anything that makes sense, just in case that idea is ever applied to a real device.

And today it has become known that this week the US Patent House has granted a new patent to Apple on a system of body temperature reading of a user carrying a device on the wrist.

In said patent, the company explains how a sensor installed in a device that the user would wear on his wrist is capable of measuring the voltage generated by the temperature difference between the end of a small probe and the opposite end. One of the sensors would be inside the Apple Watch, while the other would be in contact with our skin on the inside of the watch case.

It has been rumored for some time that the new apple watch series 8 of this year, it would have a user temperature control. Not a digital thermometer that shows us the temperature, but it would be able to warn us in case of a fever. The commented patent may have something to do with it. We have little left to get out of doubt.

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