Apple Pay dominates payments in the US and is still expected to grow more

I remember perfectly the day that Apple’s payment system was launched in Spain. Apple Pay came revolutionizing the market and right now it is rare for a site that does not accept that means as payment because it works like a normal card but with more security and comfort. In this pandemic, card payments have increased and that is going to be the trend. That we pay for purchases more with a card and pay more with mobile phones and pay with Apple Pay. At least in the US it is like that and the forecast is for it to grow even more.

Pulse’s recent annual 2021 debit issuers study reveals that Apple Pay accounted for 92% of all mobile payment transactions in the United States last year. The report also tells us that approximately 2 billion mobile payment transactions took place in 2020, which essentially means that around 1.8 billion Apple Pay payments took place. Some dizzying figures.

The report shows that Apple Pay users make use of the service twice that of other platforms. Samsung Pay took 5% of the market and Google another 3%. In the real world, at least 44% of Apple users who have set up a card for use through Apple Pay used it for at least one purchase.

We continue with the data: In this case we talk about the availability to be able to make payments with our mobile. 74 of the top 100 US merchants and more than 65% of all US retail stores. support Apple Pay.

Future forecasts tells us that this platform it will continue to grow more and more, especially for its expansion throughout the world. We have the proximity of its implantation in Central America as well as the expansion in Qatar looming that the figures will continue to increase for the better.

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