Apple Pay is now available in Chile

At the beginning of August, we published an article in which Apple was preparing its landing in Central America, with Costa Rica being the first country to receive Apple Pay. However, it seems that this launch has been delayed and Chile has been ahead of it. In this way, Chile becomes the second country in South America to receive Apple Pay behind Brazil.

The launch of Apple Pay in Chile had already been announced previously. In August, one of the Chilean banks, BICE, stated that I was preparing the launch of the service. Now, according to the Chocale blog and Twitter users, Banco de Chile and Banco Edwards already support Apple Pay with Visa credit cards.

According to the Chocale blog, people were able to add their Visa credit card after changing the region of your iPhone to United States and then follow the steps to start using Apple Pay.

At the moment, neither the Apple website in Chile nor the Bank of Chile have promoted the launch of Apple Pay, as people may have been able to add their Visa credit cards a little earlier than expected. It will be a matter of time before Mastercard cards join the party.

At the moment there is no news that points to the Apple Pay expansion in more countries in South AmericaWith Central America being the current priority for Apple, with Costa Rica heading the list of countries where this platform will land in the first place, at least if we ignore the rumors.

If you read us from Chile Were you able to add your card to Apple Pay?

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