Apple Pay is the most used payment platform among teenagers according to a survey

Apple Pay Mexico

Apple Pay, Apple’s payment platform has managed to rise to number one, at least in terms of the platform most loved and used by the so-called “Z” generation. I mean, teenagers. taking into account that the survey was conducted in the United States and may not be extended to the rest of the world, but we know that this payment method is widely used due to its integration with Apple devices. In fact, the survey affirms many other things and the use of iPhone attests to the use of Apple Pay.

The survey carried out by Piper Sandler on a population sample of 7,100 American adolescents, highlights among many other things that the use of the Apple Pay platform is one of the most used by these users and in that age group. This is mainly due to the fact that, according to data from the same survey, 87% of those surveyed have an iPhone. The same percentage want to have it. This means that the widespread use of this terminal makes Apple Pay has come to be crowned number one. In addition, the possibility of also using the Apple Watch, iPad or Mac to make those payments even online, is an amazing advantage.

A well deserved number one above other platforms such as Venmo and PayPal. Although this one reaches number one when it comes to installment payments.

This survey is number 43 And he’s not just talking about Apple Pay. There are other data to take into account and it would not hurt to take a look at it. Keep in mind that teenagers are teenagers both in the US and in any other country. Of course, the context influences a lot and that is also noticeable, of course. I’m not a teenager but I use Apple Pay a lot. In fact, I hardly ever use cash.

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