Apple Pay now available in Qatar today

Apple Pay arrives in Qatar. The payment service Apple Pay continues to make its way around the world and today it officially arrives for users of QNB cards (Qatar National Bank). In a short time Apple Pay is expanding in many countries and Qatar is the latest to join the list. The availability of this payment method was announced by the QNB itself in a press release in which it highlights the benefits of making payments through NFC with Apple Pay.

Security, speed and peace of mind in payments

These would roughly be some of the arguments for making payments using this Apple method, but we know that there are other methods on the market. Bizum, for example, in our country is still the one chosen by the majority of users to make payments between users, something that millions of people can do with Apple Pay Cash but in this case it is not available in our country. It is clear that banks are not in the business of favoring the arrival of Apple Pay Cash when they have their own method, in this case Bizum.

Leaving this aside, we can say that QNB is one of the largest financial institutions in the region and it operates together with several subsidiaries in 31 neighboring countries, making it a “good mouthful” in the market for NFC payments. Apple continues with this expansion and does not seem to intend to stop now, it is one more service for users and logically the Cupertino firm has all the interest in the world that it becomes popular as much as possible.

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