Apple pays you 300 euros if you deliver this Beats speaker

Seven years ago, when not even Apple had formalized the purchase of Beats, this brand launched a speaker that was ultimately surrounded by controversy. Its about Beats Pill XL, which in its time was a very good speaker valued at 300 euros and that, despite not being the star of the brand, sold quite well. However, over the months and with the brand already owned by Apple, serious problems were detected.

The big problem with the Beats Pill XL

Regardless of who the manufacturer is (or whoever orders its manufacture), it is common to find defective batches that imply some type of more or less serious failure. In Apple or in its Beats brand, it is not usual, but it is not something extremely strange either. Normally, this anomaly is detected and a replacement is given to the user.

Then there are other occasions when a fairly large production batch is affected, thus forcing the company to open a completely free replacement program. And it is the case of the Beats Pill XL, since all units sold since January 2014 they could come standard with a pretty major problem.

A problem affecting a excessive heating of the terminal that causes not only a risk for the integrity of the loudspeaker itself, but also for the user. In these years no major problems such as explosions or fires have been detected, but all precaution is little and in order to avoid risks, the company offers a solution for it that goes through return the full amount of the speaker.

How to proceed to return it and get the 300 euros

If you have this speaker at home, regardless of whether you use it or not, you have every right to receive 300 euros from Apple if you give it to them. Sometimes this type of program allows you to change the device, but since it is already discontinued, it seems quite complicated and that is why the company opts for it.

That if, is not money in cash but a electronic payment or credit to spend at the Apple Store, so you will have to invest it in one or more of the products that the company sells, whether they are accessories or any other. It can also be used to pay for part of a purchase, such as an entry-level iPad, valued at 379 euros, and with this procedure you would only have to pay 79 euros.

For this you just have to request an appointment in an Apple Store or in any other center authorized by the company. Although from the company itself they recommend doing it through this form, in which you will be asked for personal data and the serial number of the speaker. Don’t worry if you don’t keep its original box, as the speaker itself will suffice.

It should be noted that in the aforementioned form you will already have the possibility to select the reimbursement method you prefer. Be that as it may, you have other ways of contacting Apple at your disposal to expose any particularity that your situation has.

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