Apple polling its employees for vaccinations

It is being a topic that is giving a lot to talk about this summer and is that the Cupertino company wants all its employees have their doses of COVID-19 vaccine in place before starting work. The debate is served and is that there are many employees who do not want to return to work in person while Apple continues to insist on it.

Now a recent leaked report to the media would clearly indicate that Apple you are asking your employees for details about their vaccination status, that is, if they are wearing both doses of the vaccine. a dose or if they are thinking of getting vaccinated.

Each day that passes this issue becomes more complicated and it is that we reach the month of September and the Cupertino firm needs have the maximum number of employees available for these dates since the new iPhone models and other products of which tumors are disappearing are presented, such as the third generation AirPods or the new iMac. Once the summer is over, the company needs all the staff at 100 × 100 and for this reason these nerves are sensed from a distance due to the issue of vaccines and the like.

This is why various team members in different locations are being asked about their current vaccination status. In this sense, it is not said in any paragraph that employees are obliged to provide their vaccination status or even that those who are not vaccinated will not be allowed to return to the office, but they are asked directly to survey the field. Just a few weeks ago Tim Cook was asked in an interview about the obligation to vaccinate Apple employees and in this regard the CEO stated that the company “is not yet ready to make that decision to its workers”.

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