Apple Praises Notch on New MacBook Pros: “It’s Really Smart”

New MacBook Pro Notch

The rumors became reality and last Monday, the 18th, the new MacBook Pro with Notch were presented in society. A notch in the screen more iPhone style but that does not prevent running programs and applications in full screen. Designers and developers must adapt to this space on the screen that houses the webcam but without FaceTime. What’s more, its creators praise it.

It was clear that this Notch or notch on the screen of the most Pro computers to date from Apple, was going to bring tail. If you already brought it in at the time the first iPhone that had it was released,How could it be less on a computer? But above all, on a computer it is a little more peculiar because the screen of a PC is always expected to be used 100% without exceptions and of course they present you the new MacBook Pro that are around 2,500 euros in this way …

However, Apple designers who have been behind its creation praise its design and its existence. They mention this Notch as something “really smart.” Basically because moving the menu bar to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis notch or space creates more usable space.

We have made the screen taller so that it still has, as in the 16-inch laptop, a 16-inch active area on the diagonal. In total there are 16 by 10 inches. It’s a really smart way to give you more space for your content, and when in full screen mode, It has that 16 by 10 window and it looks great. It is perfect.

We already know that for tastes … the colors. Also if those of Apple do not defend their own creations, then to see who is going to be. Although the acceptance of this notch in the screens has been well accepted by the general public. According to the specialized magazine 9To5Mac: Around 45% of readers they agree. 23% accepted it, without further ado. Only 28% would prefer thicker bezels.

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