Apple prepares a larger Apple Watch Ultra with MicroLED

Since its arrival on the market last September, the Apple Watch Ultra has become an object of desire for many, in addition to having raised the ceiling of the top of the range in the smartwatch sector in a more than considerable way. Large in size, with its 49-millimeter case that houses a 1.93-inch Always-On OLED displayand also in functions and benefits, as we already told you on the day of its launch, there is no doubt that Apple wanted to go big with its new watch.

Not everything about the Apple Watch Ultra is positive, of course. From the very high cost of repair if you don’t have AppleCare+ contracted to the problems that are occurring with Crash Detection (although the latter does not only affect this model), no device is perfect, and even less in its first generation. However, this does not seem to have a deterrent effect among the legion of more than interested people, despite its more than high price, which we remember starts at 999 euros.

We must remember, however, that the Apple Watch Ultra It is not aimed, at least in principle, at the general public. Apple already clarified, in its presentation, that it is aimed especially at sports professionals (whether they are engaged in it professionally or do it as a private activity), who need a quantifying, monitoring and assistance device for their sports activities. It is enough to check not so much its specifications as its functions, to verify that it is indeed so. Although of course, just as there are people who buy an SUV to move around the city (and they are within their legitimate rights, of course), we can assume that the same thing happens with the Apple Watch Ultra.

Since only the first generation has been presented at the moment, we have no certainty about if Apple will renew it annually, as it does with the Watch Series or if, on the contrary, it will space it out a little more in time. If we base ourselves on the iPhone Pro and Ultra, we can think that it will opt for the first option, but of course, the market for smartwatches is quite a different market from that for smartphones, one in which users do not change devices as frequently. Surely, however, the rumors will clear us up before arriving at the presentation of the Watch Series 9.

Be that as it may, what the leaks already tell us, which we can read in Digitimes, is that Apple is preparing a larger Apple Watch Ultra with a MicroLED screen for 2024. The choice of 2024 for its launch would be due, mainly, to the fact that the company expects a price reduction in MicroLED panels. Let’s remember that the main difference between MiniLED and MicroLED has to do with the size of the LEDs, which in mini screens are between 100 and 200 microns, while in micros they are less than 100 microns.

Thus, Apple’s plans are that the Apple Watch Ultra of 2024 have a 2.1 inch screenso we are talking about an increase of almost 10% and, therefore, the first Apple Watch with a case larger than 50 millimeters.

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