Apple prepares a replacement for its original HomePod

After a fairly complete first half of the year with the announcements of WWDC 2022, and despite having begun to set their sights (pun intended) on their VR device for 2023, it seems that Apple still has some surprises in store for the remainder of the current year, with what promises to be a “deluge” of new products.

In addition to some news and surprises, of course we can expect the update of some of the company’s current products, with the iPhone 14, four new Mac models, an AirPods Pro update, and other devices. However, as they have pointed out from Bloomber, one of the great novelties would come from the hand of a new HomePod speaker that will look and sound similar to the 2018 model, albeit equipped with some improvements like the presence of the upcoming Apple S8 chip and a screen with multi-touch functionality at the top of the speaker.

In this way, this new device would not only arrive as an update to its original version, but would also represent a significant leap compared to the latest devices launched, with a HomePod Mini that has an S5 chip.

On the other hand, Apple’s ambitions will go beyond functionality. And it is that according to this leak, the Cupertino company would also be planning to price the speaker in a noticeably more competitive price range than that of its original model. A task that will not be too difficult either, given that the HomePod arrived as one of the most expensive smart speakers available at the time (no less than 349 euros).

And it is that although at the moment we do not know the final figure, the fact of having this great update and the confirmation of a price drop, already put us in front of a more interesting device and corresponding to its price.

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