Apple presents iOS 16: news and compatible terminals

Apple has presented iOS 16, the latest update of its well-known mobile operating system for iPhone, and from the beginning it has made it clear that has boosted lock screen customization options. This was highly anticipated, as it breaks the routine that iOS users have been dealing with for many years, and gives us the ability to introduce numerous elements that will allow us to create a truly unique lock screen.

The list of options and elements available to customize the lock screen of the iPhone thanks to iOS 16 is quite extensive, but among the most interesting features are those that allow us to change the color of it, as well as fonts and filters. The interface that we will have to use to make these changes is, as expected, simple and intuitive.

iOS 16

iOS 16

In the attached image you can see some examples of customization of the lock screen, and the truth is that the results we can achieve they are quite attractive. I’m looking forward to trying out this new feature. So that your new lock screen can shine in all its splendor, Apple has also improved notification management, which no longer stack vertically and are grouped in an overlap less invasive staggered that we can rotate with a simple gesture.

iOS 16

Interesting, right? And this is not all, with iOS 16 Apple has also improved the notifications and the information we receive from those events or tasks that are being carried out live. Thus, for example, if we are playing music, the player information will now appear minimized at the bottom, and the live eventssuch as sports competitions or the distance to which our Uber is, will also be displayed at the bottom of the lock screen, and will collect all the important information so that we do not miss anything.

iOS 16


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