Apple promotes the opening of its third official store in Istanbul

They have been working in this Apple store in Istanbul for a little over five years and it seems that it will soon be open to the public. The subject of Apple stores is for many of us delicate since we do not have a close to home and when we see new openings like this one in Turkey, we get half angry … The bad thing is that It does not seem that we are going to have next openings in our country at least for now. On the other hand, it is always good to see how Apple stores open all over the world.

The text that Apple shows on the web of the store that will open soon is the following:

Very soon we will open a new store in Bağdat street, the heart of Istanbul. We look forward to meeting you in our third store, where you will meet experts who will help you in every way, improve your skills with new information, get inspired while spending time in the garden, and reveal your creativity.

Currently in Istanbul the Cupertino company has two stores opened a few years ago, specifically in 2014. It is important that we see movements of this type since they indicate that they continue with this expansion of their stores in different parts of the planet. Surely many want them to open an official store close to home and this is something that can never be ruled out, although it is true that the rate of new stores is decreasing since they have covered many parts of the world with authorized resellers.

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