Apple pulls muscle and improves its income in a context of crisis

Manzana has been showing signs of showing greater resilience in the face of the harsh and convulsive economic context in which we live, with an iPhone that apparently withstands the downpour better than its competitors and MacBooks with Apple Silicon that are taking ground from a competition anchored in a formula that begins to smell more like the past than the present.

The good progress of the Cupertino giant has been reinforced after reporting yesterday that its revenues and profits exceeded Wall Street’s objectives, its being one of the few positive reports within a technology sector that, at least for now, , is falling sharply in the face of contexts such as high inflation and the weakness of the euro.

That yes, that Apple shows more resilience, mainly thanks to the main public to which it is directed, does not mean that it is totally immune, since the forecasts for the next Christmas season have been estimated downwards and it recognized that it will suffer a slowdown for the last quarter of the calendar year 2022. The corporation has not published numbers, but it is a scenario that should not surprise anyone at this point.

Despite not having the wind totally blowing in their favor, Apple has reported a quarterly revenue increase of 8% to reach 90.1 billion dollars, an amount higher than the estimated 88.9 billion. Net profit was $1.29 a share, above the $1.27 forecast.

MacBook with Apple Silicon

If we are more specific with the products, and possibly to the surprise of more than one, the income through device sales iPhone in the fiscal fourth quarter have been below expectations, with an amount of income of 42.6 billion dollars against the 43.21 billion forecast. Surely part of the slowdown predicted by Apple is related to the fact that the iPhone 14 is selling much less than expected.

The iPad is another product that has performed somewhat worse than expected, with revenues for the company of 7.2 billion dollars against the 7.94 billion forecast, while the results of the Mac computers seem to better reflect what was exposed by IDC a few weeks ago, with sales of 11.5 billion which are above the 9.36 billion forecast.

Services play a very important role in a digital world dominated by the Internet, and obviously Apple has a leg in the sector. Here the Cupertino giant has reported an increase in revenue to reach 19.2 billion dollars, however, that amount is below the 20.1 billion forecast. For its part, China, a very large market that is not going through its best moment, has reported revenues of 15,500 million dollars in the fourth fiscal quarter, clearly exceeding the 14,600 million forecast.

As we can see, Apple is not immune to the crisis, but at least for now it is doing much better than the vast majority of its competitors, who are preparing for a context in which their sales are very likely to go down.

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