Apple puts up for sale the first refurbished units of the Mac Studio

I need a new computer. And I’m sure it’s going to be a Mac. And when finally, after much thought and calculation, I decide on a specific model… wham! I see that it is worth a pasture. Brake of the hype and again to think about the thing. If I have the money, I go for it, but if not, I have to find a way to save something on the purchase.

And one of the options is definitely to look in the section of reconditioned from Apple. If you find the model you need, you can save a few euros, with all the Apple guarantee. Now, in this section of the Apple online store, you can already find units of the new Mac Studio, and save up to almost 400 Euros.

The MacStudio It has been on sale for a few months now, and as of this week, you can also find a unit in the refurbished section of the Apple online store. This way it can “hurt” less when paying for it.

If you can’t afford to buy your desired Mac new, buying a refurbished Mac directly from Apple is undoubtedly a very “safe” way to save a few bucks when buying your new Apple computer. Much better than buying it second hand.

All the Macs Apple sells reconditioned They come with a one-year warranty, and free delivery and return. You should also know that they have gone through full functional tests, with original Apple replacement parts (obviously) and a thorough cleaning of the computer.

They also incorporate the original operating system or a more recent version if its update has already been released.
All refurbished Apple devices are repackaged in a new box with all accessories, cables, and manuals. And of course your purchase is covered by Apple’s 14-day return policy, with the ability to purchase AppleCare for that unit.

Two models have already appeared today


So from now on you can start finding different Mac Studio units in the refurbished section of the Apple online store in Spain. I have looked a while ago, and I have found two models, to give you an idea of ​​what you can save.

One has been the Mac Studio with M1 Max chip, 32 GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD with a reconditioned price of 2,099 euros, 230 euros cheaper than its standard price. The other model seen today is a Mac Studio with M1 Max chip, 32 GB of RAM and 4TB of SSDs. Refurbished price: 3,339 euros, so you save 370 euros compared to the brand new model.

If neither of the two models fits what you’re looking for, and you’re not in too much of a hurry, it’s just a matter of go testing every day to see if a refurbished one appears that best suits your needs.

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