Apple raises the price of several services

Apple One services

On the sly and without warning, Apple has just raised the price of three services it offers its users. Specifically, from Apple Music, AppleTV+ Y AppleOne.

The company has not given any explanation in this regard, nor has it warned even with a simple informative note. It has simply changed the price of these three services on its official website, period. Chin Pum.

Apple has raised the price of three services it offers its users in several countries, including Spain. These services are its music platform, Apple Music, the video platform, Apple TV +, and the one that includes several of them, Apple One.

Apple Music

Apple’s streaming music platform has suffered a slight price increase in three of its four different available plans.

The cheapest, Voice planremains at the same price, that is, €4.99 a month. The plan for studentsnow go to cost €5.99 per month instead of the 4.99 Euros that it cost until now. The Single planalso suffers an increase of 1 Euro, going on to cost €10.99 a month. And finally, the Family plan increases 2 Euros in price, going to cost €16.99 instead of the 14.99 Euros that it cost until now.


Apple’s video platform, AppleTV+, receives its first price increase since it launched a couple of years ago. Until now it cost 4.99 Euros per month, and from next month it will cost €6.99 monthly.


Apple One groups several Apple services in a pack, so that it is somewhat cheaper if in the end you are subscribed to the services that it groups. And since among the services it incorporates are Apple Music and Apple TV +, obviously, the Apple One plans also increase in price.

The Single plan is increased by 2 Euros, going on to cost €16.95 a month. The Familyincreases 3 Euros, going on to cost €22.95 a month. Finally, the Premium Plan also suffers an increase of 3 Euros, going up to the €31.95 a month.

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