Apple reimburses Macbook users, the iPhone serves as a bulletproof vest, this is the recap

Speed ​​limits on highways should benefit electric car drivers, Apple pays 50 million dollars to users of MacBooks with butterfly keyboards, a Ukrainian soldier escapes death thanks to his iPhone… welcome to the recap of the day before!

Yesterday, we told you about a new study that should please owners of electric cars, if the law on the speed limit on the motorway is passed. There has also been talk of a very juicy financial deal for MacBook users who have long suffered from problems with their keyboard. Finally, the unusual story of the day is that of this Ukrainian whose iPhone has turned into a bulletproof vest.

This law could improve the autonomy of electric vehicles

As part of its “energy sobriety plan”, the government plans to lower the speed limit on motorways to 110 km/h. The objective is simple: reduce French people’s energy consumption by 10% over the next 10 years. If such a measure is put in place, owners of electric cars would come out as big winners. Indeed, the latter consume a lot of autonomy past this speed. Motorists could thus gain several tens of kilometres.

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Apple agrees to reimburse users of butterfly keyboards

It took years for this class action lawsuit of users to win their legal battle against the Apple brand. Apple today signed a $50 million refund agreement for all owners of MacBooks released in 2015 and 2019 with a butterfly keyboard. The latter was recognized as extremely fragile and led to numerous returns for repairs. This agreement puts an end to a controversy that has greatly tarnished the image of the manufacturer.

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The iPhone is an excellent bulletproof vest

And that’s hardly ironic. This Ukrainian soldier, who appears in a video posted on Reddit, is living proof of that — no pun intended. In this video, we see the soldier taking a 2019 model out of his pocket, in which a bullet lodged. A new proof, if one were needed, that its Corning glass and its stainless steel structure allow it to be extremely solid and resistant.

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