Apple releases a massive update to improve the security of its systems

Constantly prioritizing the security of our devices is essential. No matter how safe we ​​think we are, cyberattacks are becoming much more sophisticated every day and, of course, they continue to increase. For this reason, Apple has just released a set of security patches to the surprise of its users.

Is about security updates that fix security flaws in multiple of their products. In fact, if the available updates are not installed as soon as possible, a hacker could remotely take advantage of flaws that are invisible to the naked eye and take control of the affected system to carry out various malicious actions.

Already during the summer of 2021 Apple released updates for iPadOS, with the goal of incorporating some very similar new features with iOS. For its part, the new version of macOS was much more modest and was focused on correcting some small errors.

Regarding iPadOS 14.7, among the new features added to the new iPadOS system, the ability to link two people from the same family unit to the same Apple Card account. Also new was that iPadOS 14.7 offered a way to manage timers on a HomePod while also changing the Podcasts interface.

As for macOS Big Sur 11.5, it was updated to a new version that fixed some minor bugs and security updates. also had the same change in Podcasts that occurs in iOS and iPadOSfixing a bug related to the Music option and also to smart cards on M1 Macs.

Surprise updates from Apple in July 2022

Apple has released new security patches for macOS Catalina, Big Sur and Monterey, with the first two operating systems having the Safari web browser updated to version 15.6, and which fixes two memory corruption issues, plus an infoleaks bug that can be triggered by visiting malicious websites. While Monterey, the latest stable version of macOS, is updated to version 12.5 with patches for 57 bugs.

And it is necessary to take into account that, according to Apple, two of these bugs can be controlled remotely. It is one related to the CoreText font driver and another memory corruption in the Monterey WiFi driver that can even crash the system.

In general terms, both iOS and iPadOS are updated to version 15.6, remotely addressing a notable vulnerability in the AppleAVD video and audio system found by Google’s Project Zero.

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