Apple Releases First Trailer for Dr. Brain Mystery Series

One of the series that we had practically not heard of is Dr. Brain, a series that premieres November 4 on Apple TV + and which is described as a mystery drama of which we already have the first trailer available through the Apple TV + channel on YouTube.

This new series stars the SAG award winner, Lee Sun-Kyun for his role in the film Parasites. Dr. Brain is directed and written by Kim Jee-Woon, known for Two sisters (A Tale of Two Sisters) and I will find the devil (I Saw the Devil).

Produced in South Korea, Dr. Brain shows us the emotional journey that follows a scientist obsessed with discovering new technologies to access the brain’s consciousness and memories.

His life takes a sudden change, his family is the victim of a mysterious accident. At that point, he uses his research to access his wife’s brain memories to piece together the mystery of what really happened to his family and why.

The series has been produced for Apple TV by Bround Entertainment at its South Korean studios, alongside Kakao Entertainment, Studioplez, and Dark Circle Picture.

In addition to writing the script for Dr. Brain and directing the episodes, Kim Jee-Woon has also served as an executive producer alongside Samuel Yeunju Ha, producer of lllang: The Wolf Brigade (Illang: The Wolf Brigade) with Kim Jee-Woon and Ok, film that has the participation of Jake Gyllenhaal.

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