Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.6.1

Along with the launch of macOS Monterey in its final version, yesterday afternoon (Spanish time), the guys from Cupertino launched a new update of macOS Bir Sur, an update intended for all those users who currently do not plan to update Monterey.

This update fixes various security issues, so if you have not yet updated or plan to do so soon (for whatever reasons), you are already taking time. This new update, with number 11.6.1, is now available together with macOS Monterey through System Preferences.

This update does not come alone, as Apple has also released a update for macOS Catalina users, version before macOS Big Sur and that left out the previous Macs from 2014.

How to download macOS Big Sur 11.6.1

As I have commented, this update is available through System preferences. Within system preferences, click on Software update.

The first update that will be shown will be macOS Monterey, but if we click on More information in the Other available updates section, macOS Big Sur update 11.6.1 will be shown, an update that occupies 2.6 GB.

In this same section also there is the update for macOS Catalina.

At the moment Apple has not updated the web page where it informs users of the security news that have been implemented in the updates that it releases of all its operating systems, at least at the time of publishing this article.

But it has all the earmarks of being a pretty serious security issueas there is no point in releasing a new version of macOS together with an update to the operating system that it will replace.

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