Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 150

Safari Technology Preview

Almost fifteen days after the launch of version 149 and coinciding, this time, with the launch of a new beta of macOS, the American company launches a new version of its internet browser for testing. Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 150. On this occasion it does not seem that many new features are included and rather it is about the introduction of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Safari is the default browser for Apple devices and although that doesn’t mean that we should use it, we do have to know that it is a version that incorporates all the new features that have been previously tested. That testing grounds is Safari Technology Preview and now its version 150 for developers is released. So that you can try the new features that have been highlighted in the new beta of macOS Ventura or in the fourth beta of iOS 16.

Apparently, according to the studies carried out, in this new version, it seems that no new features have been included. Yes performance improvements and bug fixes. Collectively, this release affects Web Inspector, CSS, Shadow DOM, JavaScript, Web Animations, Web Share, WebAuthn, Web API, Rendering, and Accessibility.

You can check in more detail everything that has been corrected and improved on Apple’s official website for developers and specifically Safari Technology Preview. We can only remember that the current version of Safari Technology Preview, 150, is based on Safari 16 update and includes features that come with macOS Ventura. Added support for Live Text in videos and images, new web technologies, web push access keys, improved Safari web extensions, and more.

You already know that this test browser is intended for developers but can be run in parallel with the final version of Safari. Also, no developer account is required for installation.

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